Gnormalizing weekday happy hour since 2021.
What do you do when there is a global health pandemic and the new normal consists of games night via zoom? Start distilling craft spirits, naturally. Made in small batches using local ingredients, our award-winning London Dry Gin, The Gnu Normal, is the first of many (we hope) high-quality spirits to gather the herd around and keep things light even when things get a little, well, dark.
100% Western Canadian Grain
Our spirits are made up of only the finest grains, sourced from farms across Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Barrel-Aged Spirits
We plan to produce other spirits, and also introduce craft whiskeys, and bourbon-style spirits that need to barrel age for at least three years. Sure, it’s a wait, but it’ll be worth it.
Gin Enthusiasts
In 2009, our head distiller noticed Juniper bushes growing on his family property. It was then that he started creating small-batch recipes. And now, with a lot of hard work, a long-time dream of producing a spirit to please your palate is here: The Gnu Normal London Dry Gin.
Gnu Location Coming Soon
What goes perfectly with our gin? Well, you and your herd (aka friends) visiting our soon-to-be-opened tasting room, including a storefront. We’re very close to acquiring a building, and we look forward to meeting you face-to-face.